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Me & Ashley
Erika Sargent- Grasso
Owner & Founder of Healthy Changes Pilates since 2008

BASI Pilates:  Comprehensively Certified on all Pilates Apparatus.  Studied with Rael Isacowitz, owner & founder of BASI Pilates in Costa Mesa, CA- Pro-Bridge 2013-2014.  We now offer the full Comprehensive Training and Continuing Education at our studio taught by the BASI Faculty. 

Balanced Body University:  Studied with Zayna Gold 2008-2012. Certified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus including:  Reformer I, II & III, Tower/Cadillac, Barrel, Chair, Mat I & II, plus all Props: Ring, Foam Roller, Flexbands and Balls
Balanced Body Barre Certified

Pilates Specialty Workshops with Tom McCook and Lesley Bender

BS from UNH:  Nutritional Sciences, 2nd degree: Psychology

Prior Certifications:  ACE Personal Trainer- studied with Greg Rando Professional BodyBuilder; Yogafit, Zumba, Spinning, Tai Chi & Qigong, Reiki

Pilates is by far the best form of exercise I have ever found! 

If you are not currently practicing Pilates you need to!  Prior to learning Pilates I tried all forms of exercise; running, spinning, weight training, yoga etc.  Although I enjoy other forms of activity, I feel Pilates is the foundation of all exercise.  Proper movement and alignment provides superior results and decreased risk of injury.  Personally I have experienced faster results with consistent Pilates practice vs any other form of exercise.  Pilates will change the way you look creating core strength, lean and toned muscle, enhanced flexibility, balance, posture, and grace.  A sense of inner strength both mentally and physically, you will feel like you live in a strong body.  You will have more energy and better energy and most importantly you will learn to live pain free.  Don’t ignore neck, shoulder, back or knee pain.  When you start moving properly and in alignment through Pilates you will not have aches and pains or at least they will significantly decrease.  Pilates re-trains your movement patterns.  As you learn to move differently than you ever did before you will change the way you look and you will feel AMAZING!

Lisa Reardon
Client of Healthy Changes since 2008
Pilates Instructor since 2011

Balanced Body University: Lisa
Certified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus including:
Reformer I, II & III
Barrel & Chair
Mat I & II

The mind/body connection just gets more and more intense.  The results are unbelievable!  Thanks to Pilates, I now have abs!!

Lisa has found amazing results through Pilates and enjoys teaching clients in a fun and humorous way.  Her easy going attitude disguises the incredible workout that you will experience in her classes.  Be ready to have fun and work intensely!

Lisa also owns Nails Plus in Reading and will continue to make you look and feel beautiful outside of Pilates!  In the picture above is her beloved dog Bruno.  In her spare time she loves spending time with Bruno and her husband Mark in Maine.

Karen Karen Schneller
Client & Pilates Instructor at Healthy Changes since 2011

Balanced Body University:  Certified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus including:
Reformer I, II & III
Mat I & II

Prior Certifications:
AFAA, Pilates Coach, BalleCore, Yogafit, YMCA and Fitness Resource Associates, CPR/AED

The Pilates method can be incorporated into everyone’s lifestyle for a lifetime. 

Karen has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  She has taught everything from hi/low cardio to kickboxing to yoga.  She also specializes in fitness classes for seniors.  Her passion for Pilates led to reformer training and teaching.  Karen feels fortune to be able to share her enthusiasm and knowledge of Pilates and loves being a part of the Pilates community!




Lea Gearty
Client & Pilates Instructor at Healthy Changes since 2013

Balanced Body University:
Mat I & Reformer I
Anatomy for Pilates

BA in Art+Design- 3D Studio/Sculpture; Minor in Philosophy

Pilates offers a unique and challenging workout- both physically and mentally.  

Lea has been fascinated with anatomy, movement, and body control for as long as she can remember.  These interests have taken her from figure skating, to field hockey, to track, and everything in between.  As an instructor, Lea is eager to share her love of Pilates as she continues to deepen her own practice.


Testimonials- Sue



Sue Heidbreder
Client of Healthy Changes since 2008
Pilates Instructor since 2014

Balanced Body University:
Reformer I

BSN from UMASS:  Registered Nurse
BS from UMASS:  Marketing

The more you practice Pilates, the more challenging and fulfilling it becomes!  

Sue is a Registered Nurse working at the Winchester Hospital Breast Care Center for the past nineteen years.  She feels Pilates helps prevent injuries as it strengthens your body as a holistic approach to long term health, fitness and well being.  She is excited about the opportunity to share her love of Pilates with others.


Elaine2Elaine RussoElaine
Pilates Instructor since 2008

Balanced Body University:  Studied with Zayna Gold since 2008- Certified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus including:  Reformer I, II & III, Tower/Cadillac, Barrel, Chair, Mat I & II, plus all Props: Ring, Foam Roller, Flexbands and Balls

Continued Education Certifications:
BODHI Suspension meets Pilates (Joy Puleo)
MOTR Balanced core; Spinal Mobility with Pilates Arc and Balls (Nora St John, MS)
Hip and Knee Biomechanics (Karen Clippinger, MSPE)
Correcting Gait (Nancy Myers)
Movement Strategies – Heros in Motion initiative (Elizabeth Larkam, MS Ed)
Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy (Shari Berkowitz: The Vertical Workshop)
Thoracic Movement

It was dance that brought me to Pilates and an underlying love for movement that has kept me teaching for 8 year. Injuries abruptly put 20+ years of dancing to a halt, but Pilates has given me my full strength and movement back. My past experiences still inspire me to empower people with knowing their bodies and all of its abilities. This confidence is such a liberating adventure for anyone who’s felt limited in any physical capacity.  With that in mind, I’ve continued my education past my Comprehensive Instructor Certification through Balanced Body. I have pursued seminars and certifications in topics such as biomechanics, functional anatomy, suspension, gait correction, spinal mobility, and pre- and post-natal . I’ve also been fortunate to have studied with leaders of the Pilates community such as Elizabeth Larkam MS Ed, Karen Clippinger MSPE, Nora St. John, Nancy Myers, Joy Puleo, and Zayna Gold. Fortunately, with an ever evolving world of movement science and Pilates, there is always something new to learn.