We are honored and proud to represent BASI Pilates (Body Arts and Science International), the Internationally renowned industry leader in Pilates teacher training and education. We are an official host studio of BASI Pilates and offer Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs and exciting Continuing Education opportunities to all Pilates professionals.

Why BASI Pilates?  BASI stands for excellence, high standards and professionalism.  The philosophy of teaching is based upon the classical techniques of the work of Joseph H. Pilates with a contemporary element to include all of the most current Pilates research and science of human movement. The BASI program has been an industry leader since 1989 committed to preserving the legacy of the Pilates method while also evolving to meet the needs of modern society. The teacher training is an intensive academic program that will qualify you to teach at the highest level of the Pilates Method.

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Our next Comprehensive Teacher Training will begin January 25, 2019
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BASI Mat Program
January 25-27, 2019
March 15-17, 2019
Course Cost: $1,099

Part 1: Foundations Program (Includes Mat & Fundamental all Apparatus)
January 25-27, 2019
March 15-17, 2019
Course Cost: $2,199

Part 2: Graduate Program (Intermediate & Advanced all Apparatus)
June 7-9, 2019

Sept 20-22, 2019
Course Cost: $1,999

Save $200 when registering for both Foundations & Comprehensive. Foundations is a prerequisite for Comprehensive.
Certified Pilates Instructors save 10%.

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BASI Pro-Bridge

Are you already a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor looking for more?

BASI’s ProBridge program is a specialized program for the qualified* Pilates professional interested in experiencing the depth, intensity, and precision that only BASI provides. ProBridge is the perfect opportunity to acquire a BASI education and ultimately join the BASI professional network. Our program credits the experience of the qualifying professional for previous Pilates education, study and work. Focus is placed on the principles and methodologies that represent the key differentiators between BASI and other teaching methods.

Dates: TBD
Part 1, Foundations: Cost: $1,699

Part 2, Graduate:  Cost:  $1,499

Fridays: 11a-6p, Saturday: 10a-5p, Sunday: 9a-4p

*Save $200 when registering for both parts: FAP & Graduate


PAST Continuing Education & Training

Continuing Education:
World Renown Karen Clippinger will offer 2 Anatomy based workshops this Spring 2018!

Unwinding Scoliosis:
Saturday March 10th

Sacroiliac Function and Pilates Program Design:
Sunday March 11th
6 PMA CECs each day
$200 Early Bird till Feb 8th
Full price $250

Pilates for the Mature Client:  with Sheri Long on Saturday Oct 1st @ 11a-5p
Growing old does not have to mean giving up on an active lifestyle. Whether it’s continuing to play tennis or golf or simply playing with grandchildren, today’s elders do not easily relinquish the activities that have sustained them throughout their long lives. Pilates can keep the mature population active, but the instructors who deal with them need to understand the limitations of their elderly clients.  This workshop deals with the musculoskeletal issues, diseases and other physical changes that are common in the older population. You will learn modifications and variations to the original BASI repertoire and discuss the specific needs of this age group. By applying the correct tools, variations and precautions, you will be able to take your clients safely through a session that will assist them in maintaining an active quality of life.  By the end of this workshop you will have both the knowledge and the confidence to work with this wonderful population!  This course is approved by the PMA for 6 CECs
Early Bird price $200 until Aug 30th.  Full price $250

Art of Cueing:  with Sheri Long on Sunday Oct 2nd @ 10a-4p
This course focuses on one of the most fundamental of all Pilates teaching skills, “cueing”. The basis for all communication between teacher and student, cueing demands great skill; information must be conveyed, received and integrated within milliseconds to bring about the desired result. Good cueing is integral to any skilled teaching session. This exciting, five-hour workshop focuses on the various lines of communication between teacher and student. Participants take part in a series of cueing exercises and drills that enhance the necessary teaching skills for effective communication and successful teaching. Each cueing exercise teaches workshop participants how to better communicate with their clients through advancing their verbal, tactile and visual cueing skills. This workshop is approved by the PMA for 4 CECs.
Early Bird price $200 until Aug 30th.  Full price $250

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