Joseph Pilates considered Pilates to be a way of life.  He believed through Pilates you could achieve your highest potential physically, mentally & emotionally.  A strong body representing a strong mind, a stronger mind creating a stronger body… all of this transferring into ultimate happiness and a better world to live in.   (Pilates, J. (1945).  Return to Life Through Contrology).

Find balance…  In what you are eating, in your physical activity, and in all other aspects of your life.

You are what you eat… literally.
*Eat foods that are energizing, fresh and wholesome.  Foods that make you “feel” good!  Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables with vibrant colors
*Eat less sugar, salt and processed foods
*Remember balance, moderation and portion control
*Small changes can make a huge difference.  Try eating dinner at an earlier time & stop snacking at night, you will see a difference
*Plan ahead, stock your house with foods that are healthier
*Listen to your body.  The body awareness you will learn in Pilates will help you to tune in to what your body really needs!

Stay Active!  Practicing Pilates will help you to be better in any other activity you pursue.  Even after a few Pilates sessions you will see how the improved balance, coordination & core strength will help you to perform better daily and in your other favorite forms of exercise.  Stay active as much as possible all day.

Not finding time to exercise?  Plan ahead!  Make your exercise time like an appointment that can’t be skipped.  It is your time & you deserve it!   Join the Monthly Pilates Membership so you don’t skip your workouts.  You will love the results you get from commitment to exercise!  It will become part of your lifestyle.  Balance your exercise time between cardio, strength & flexibility.

While you are planning ahead, start getting organized in the rest of your life as well.  Clean out the clutter and refresh your mind & spirit.  Through small consistent Healthy Changes you can transform not only your body but your entire life!