Kate Bacigalupo

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Pilates Teacher
Specializes in Rehabilitation, PT

Kate started practicing at Healthy Changes in February of 2016 after she decided to try something different to treat her chronic low back pain. As a physical therapist, she knew the benefits of Pilates, but did not realize how much she would fall in love with the philosophy and teachings of the Pilates approach to exercise.

I was amazed at how much progress I had made with this approach to exercise on a personal level, but was even more fascinated by all the parallels that exist between physical therapy and Pilates. I decided I wanted to learn more and apply the Pilates approach to my physical therapy practice, and bring in a rehabilitation perspective to Healthy Changes.

Kate has a passion for getting to know her clients on a personal level in order to meet all goals and expectations of each patient she treats. She makes it a priority to help each of her clients take an active role in their rehabilitation in order to ensure long term success.

When Kate is not at the Pilates studio or physical therapy clinic, she enjoys being outdoors with her husband, Mark, and two dogs, Duke and Zoe. Kate is most looking forward to this summer, as she and her husband are expecting their first child this July 2019.

Kate's Background:

  • BASI Pilates @HealthyChangesPilates: Completed Foundations Apparatus Program and is currently enrolled in the Graduate Comprehensive Apparatus Teacher Training Program

  • Physical therapist since 2015 at local clinic in North Reading

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy: Northeastern University 2015 

  • Competitive Ultimate Frisbee player since 2009: Northeastern University, Nationals two years in a row; 2013 co-ed team- The Ghosts: finished third at club Nationals and qualified for Worlds in Italy. Participated in the Ultimate Frisbee World Championship summer 2014 and awarded the Bronze medal

What I love most about Pilates is the blend of healthy exercise with an emphasis on the mind body connection. We spend too much of our time going through the motions thinking about other things instead of being in the moment. At Healthy Changes, there is a strong emphasis on being present. From a rehab perspective, this is such an important part of healthy and effective exercise for both the mind and body.

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