Corinne Frazier

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Pilates Teacher

I started dance classes in my early childhood and immediately fell in love with the creative outlet it gave me to express myself. Learning a variety of styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, musical theater, and many more kept my interests growing more and more everyday. I continued my dance career by joining a dance company where I became a competition dancer. Continuing and growing as a dancer at such a young age put lots of pressure on my body to do things naturally a body should not be forced into. About three years ago I was diagnosed with severe muscle spasms because my S.I. joints were out of place. On top of that I was dancing for months without knowing it was misaligned. Eventually my muscle spasms got to a point where some mornings I couldn’t get out of bed, and I required physical therapy. Many of the exercises I was doing in physical therapy were similar movements taught in Pilates. I signed up for a private class and I immediately noticed the relief it gave not only physically but also emotionally. Within a year I was able to fully start dancing again and I still continue to dance today but with moderation. This life changing event evolved my perspective on how important it is to take care of your body, eat a healthy diet and continue to be physically active.

Corinne's Background:

  • BASI Pilates @HealthyChangesPilates: Completed Foundations Apparatus Program and is currently enrolled in the Graduate Comprehensive Apparatus Teacher Training Program

  • American Dance Special Awards: Feels and Fills the Moments, Tony Award, scored 5th overall at Excel in Motion Convention and 2nd overall in 16 and over, Musical Theater category

Pilates has forever changed my life physically and emotionally. 

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