Elaine Russo


Pilates Teacher

It was dance that brought me to Pilates and an underlying love for movement that has kept me teaching for 8 year. Injuries abruptly put 20+ years of dancing to a halt, but Pilates has given me my full strength and movement back. My past experiences still inspire me to empower people with knowing their bodies and all of its abilities. This confidence is such a liberating adventure for anyone who’s felt limited in any physical capacity.  With that in mind, I’ve continued my education past my Comprehensive Instructor Certification through Balanced Body. I have pursued seminars and certifications in topics such as biomechanics, functional anatomy, suspension, gait correction, spinal mobility, and pre- and post-natal. I’ve also been fortunate to have studied with leaders of the Pilates community such as Elizabeth Larkam MS Ed, Karen Clippinger MSPE, Nora St. John, Nancy Myers, Joy Puleo, and Zayna Gold.

Elaine's Background:

  • Balanced Body University:  Studied with Zayna Gold since 2008- Certified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus including:  Reformer I, II & III, Tower/Cadillac, Barrel, Chair, Mat I & II, plus all Props: Ring, Foam Roller, Flexbands and Balls

  • Continued Education: BODHI Suspension meets Pilates (Joy Puleo); MOTR Balanced core; Spinal Mobility with Pilates Arc and Balls (Nora St John, MS); Hip and Knee Biomechanics (Karen Clippinger, MSPE); Correcting Gait (Nancy Myers); Movement Strategies – Heros in Motion initiative (Elizabeth Larkam, MS Ed); Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy (Shari Berkowitz: The Vertical Workshop); Thoracic Movement

With an ever evolving world of movement science and Pilates, there is always something new to learn.

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