Lea Gearty


Pilates Teacher
Healthy Changes Client & Pilates Teacher since 2013

Lea has been fascinated with anatomy, movement, and body control for as long as she can remember.  These interests have taken her from figure skating, to field hockey, to track, and everything in between.  As an instructor, Lea is eager to share her love of Pilates as she continues to deepen her own practice.

Lea's Background:

  • BASI Pilates @HealthyChangesPilates: Completed Foundations and Graduate Comprehensive Apparatus Teacher Training Programs

  • Balanced Body University:  Mat I & Reformer I, Anatomy for Pilates

  • Pilates Continuing Education: Karen Clippinger Workshops: Hip and Knee Biomechanics on Reformer

  • BA in Art+Design- 3D Studio/Sculpture; Minor in Philosophy

Pilates offers a unique and challenging workout- both physically and mentally

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