Learning Pilates encompasses the mind, body and spirit. The term “mind body” is used so frequently and yet the awareness of mind body takes a lot of patience and practice to find. From one of my first sessions with Leah I remember the look on her face when she realized how much she could feel in her body with this mind body connection. It was new for her and she commented on how much there was to learn. Recognizing right away the level of thinking that was involved in Pilates. Years later I am impressed with the level of focus and concentration Leah brings into every class. Her awareness and mind body connections have gotten deeper and physically, even with her back issues, she is a superstar!  

From Leah Furness:  I was in a car accident in 2006 and suffered from chronic back pain. After seeing numerous doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists I decided to try Pilates in 2011. I first started with private sessions with Erika and soon after began taking two classes a week. I have greatly strengthened my core and have learned to use it to support my back. A few years ago I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. A vertebra was hitting a nerve sending pain down my right leg. There wasn’t anything I could physically do that would help stop the pain, so I resorted to having back surgery last year. Shortly after surgery I went to physical therapy. The physical therapist was so impressed with how quickly I was able to activate my core and gain back my overall strength. I was released from physical therapy after only four sessions. I credit Pilates for my quick recovery! It does take time but I am so happy that I have stuck with Pilates and not only do I notice a physical difference in my body, but I have also discovered a deeper awareness of what is happening inside my body as well.

Pilates is a versatile exercise, from rehabilitation to extreme athleticism, all will benefit from learning Pilates. Martha is an inspirational client who proves Pilates increases physical and mental well-being as well as overall quality of life. Consistently practicing Pilates 3 times per week Martha tells us her neurologist is impressed with her progress and encourages her to continue on with her classes. We are all impressed with how hard Martha works in each class and the amazing results she has had. Way to go Martha, we are all very proud of you!

From Martha Williams:  When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 18 months ago my neurologist encouraged me to continue to walk and exercise. Her advice was to “do something you love” because then I would stick with it. I had always been intrigued by Pilates and signed up for a private introduction lesson with Karen last summer. From the beginning I was hooked. While everyone benefits from the mind/body connection in Pilates, it is particularly vital for my well being. Strengthening my core enhances my flexibility, balance, and tone, and being part of a group of like-minded new friends is both fun and a source of support. Early mornings work best for me, and Lisa’s classes are both challenging and enlightening. Her teacher’s intuition knows when to adjust, encourage, and modify. Every class reinforces and builds on skills, and is always invigorating. The hour flies, and I feel strengthened and centered. While PD is chronic, and the path of the disease can take many twists and turns I am determined to live each day fully. Pilates has helped me to regain my stamina, retain my balance, retrain my brain(!) and refrain from negative thoughts. A positive experience, indeed!

SPECIAL MEMBER HIGHLIGHT: 20131218_111718 copy
Florencia truly embraces Pilates as a lifestyle. Consistently practicing 2-3 times per week she has achieved amazing results in a short period of time. Her keen mind body awareness helps her to progress quickly as she finds deeper connections within her body.  She not only works hard during Pilates, she lives a healthy lifestyle and eats with health and balance in mind.  Truly an inspiration!

From Florencia Ziemke: I’m new to Reading and was lucky to find Healthy Changes. Pilates gives me the mind body connection that other sports don’t. I feel stronger, taller and toned and at the same time really relaxed and stretched out. It’s a great way to start my mornings or end my days. From jumpboard to tower, the class variety is an added plus and I like to mix it up.  I work as a primary care doctor and focus on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise in my daily practice. I like to practice what I preach and recognize the importance of the mind and body for overall well-being, stress reduction and disease prevention. I even catch myself taking the “ha” breaths during stressful work days! I like the friendly environment at Healthy Changes and the fact that classes are small groups. It’s a welcoming feeling you don’t have at regular gyms. I’ve learned a lot from listening to the cues, the teachers do a fantastic job!

From Zayna Gold:  Balanced Body University Faculty Member: Erika began her Pilates Certification training with me in 2008.  Since then I have personally mentored Erika in her teaching and Pilates practice.  From the start she wanted to learn as much as possible about becoming a better teacher. She continues to be passionate about inspiring her clients and her instructors.  Erika is a great instructor and has become a wonderful mentor for her own instructors. ~ Zayna

From Maz:
I have been going to Healthy Changes Pilates for almost 3 years now and love it!  The Reformer Pilates classes are up to 4 per class so you get a lot of 1:1 attention.  I take most of my classes with Lisa who is awesome!!!  She really knows how to make working out fun and something to look forward to.  Lisa encourages and motivates you to perform to your full potential.  She provides you with a lot of feedback for good form to help achieve maximum results.  My core is so much stronger since I’ve started pilates and the results were much quicker than all the years of going to the gym.   I highly recommend Healthy Changes Pilates!!

From Kristen:
I have worked out regularly for 20 years now, with a focus on running, lifting weights and participating in the full gamut of gym classes. I signed up for Beginner Pilates with Erika at the urging of a friend—a current client. I knew right away this was different.  Pilates truisms, such as “often less weight makes the exercise harder,” or “the better you get at Pilates, the more challenging the work-out becomes” were confounding.  The language, such as “soften and melt your ribs,” or “pull your belly button to your spine and connect your ribs to your hips,” was foreign.  The first few weeks I wrote off Pilates entirely. But by week 4 or so, something clicked.  Now over 7 months later, I am an avid Pilates enthusiast.  It has greatly improved my body awareness, flexibility and strength.  It has given me the gift of healthy breathing and the ability to connect more deeply in my muscles.  It is my very favorite form of exercise today, and it has also been a wonderful compliment to my other fitness pursuits.  All told, I feel a bit like I can defy gravity, and at age 41 while my body parts increasingly want to head south on me, that is a really good feeling!  Erika is a first-rate teacher.  The studio is small, clean, intimate and friendly.  The equipment is top-notch.  It is worlds-apart from Pilates in a gym.  Thanks to Erika and a bit of patience on my part, Pilates is and will remain a part of my life for the rest of my life.  ~Kristen

From Alyson:
Pilates at Healthy Changes is one of the best workouts out there! It is by far the only program that has given me the results that I’ve been trying to achieve…smaller waistline, stronger core and improved posture. It’s been the missing link to my workout regimen and I can’t imagine my life without it now. I leave class feeling invigorated and challenged every time. Erika and her team of teachers are awesome! They are professional, patient and always encouraging. Pilates is very empowering, I’ve never felt stronger. ~Alyson

From Amanda:
I first started Pilates a few months ago and already I have noticed a change in my body. Erika and her team are the best instructors! They make sure I am always using proper form and encourage and motivate me. This exercise has provided me with more stability and a stronger core which helps me with running, swimming, biking and every day activities. Erika and her team’s instruction have allowed me to carry myself with more confidence and I leave class feeling refreshed, renewed and stronger each time. My sister recently signed up as well! I would recommend Healthy Changes Pilates to anyone, as it has really changed my outlook on exercise and overall health. ~Amanda

From Mary:
I have exercised all my life but I never got the results I wanted. I was taking adult ballet lessons and it was suggested to me that in order to improve my core I should take Pilates. I contacted Erika and the rest is history. I have been a client of Erika’s for a year now and I can’t express how happy I am with my results. I take Pilates 3 to 4 times a week and I love it. Erika works with you closely and helps you to perfect your moves while getting great results. I have taken many exercise classes and have been to many gyms, but today at the age of 54 I am done with that scene. At last I have found the perfect exercise and professional instructor that will continue to guide me and motivate me while I continue to soar and achieve my goals. Erika is simply the best! I look forward to many more challenges and a long lasting relationship. Ladies, STOP wasting your time and money at the gym and give Healthy Changes a call today. ~Mary

From Susan:
Excellent class with well trained, knowledgeable instructors. Lots of individualized instruction even for a small group setting. Each class is well paced and the student gets lot of cues. Adjustments are made for individual students as needed. The studio itself is convenient and clean with state of the art equipment. The results from just two classes a week are better than any exercise program I have ever been in. I can’t recommend this Pilates studio highly enough! ~Susan L

From Laurie:
Healthy Changes Pilates has been instrumental in making me a healthier, stronger and more flexible almost 45 year old. The instructors are patient and extremely motivating. The knowledge they share is so appreciated and beneficial to learning pilates the correct way. I ve lost 11 lbs in 8 months and see a huge difference in my agility, strength and overall health.  Thank you to all at Healthy Changes for being dedicated to your students. I couldn t ask for a better experience! ~Laurie

From Lauren:
Instructors’ knowledge, small class size and great atmosphere make this the best pilates around! Erika and her team know how to instruct me to help ensure that I am using the correct form to get results. Small groups allow for individualized instruction. After a few months I fit better in my clothes, have improved posture and overall feel more fit! I never want to be without pilates – I love it ~Lauren L.

From Sharon:
I started going to Healthy Changes 2 years ago. I have tried many different gyms and exercise programs in the past. Erika and the staff at Healthy Changes deserve a 5 star rating! They keep us motivated, and push us to achieve a strong core. I love the small classes and the individual attention. ~Sharon

From Lori: After having two back surgeries in ten years, I became afraid to exercise. Throughout it all, the doctors and physical therapists, stressed the importance of strengthening my core. I honestly was just too afraid of making the pain I still had worse. Then I discovered Healthy Changes, it was exactly what I needed to put my fears at ease. I could get individual attention, because of the small class size, and instructors that understand the body and who at all times put safety first. I have been taking classes for over a year now. The changes have been life changing. I am much stronger and do not have daily pain anymore, I have also lost the numbness in my leg and foot. I feel mentally better and look forward to my classes to see Lisa and the other ladies in our group! ~Lori

From Angela: I’ve been practicing Qi-Gong for a few years and become an instructor eventually, but have heard so many great feedbacks about pilates from my friends that decided to give it a try and see what it feels and looks like. After the first private introduction class I felt so good I signed up for the session right away! Now I know what my friends have been talking about:) Erika’s instructions were clear and informative. She seemed very professional at what she was doing and I liked the welcoming atmosphere in the studio. After a couple of sessions I felt the difference in my posture during my Qi-Gong practice, and my teaching has also improved! I love going there because of that inner feeling of moving forward toward healthier and stronger me! ~Angela

From Lisa:
I started taking Pilates with Erika in 2008 and it doesn’t get any easier!  I take 3 classes per week at Healthy Changes.  The mind/body connection just gets more and more intense.  The results are unbelievable!  Thanks to Pilates, I now have abs!! ~Lisa

From June:
I learned about Pilates with Erika from a friend who had recently started attending group classes and had great things to say about them.  I was looking for a physical fitness program that would help me with overall strength and fitness. And I needed to incorporate weight loss with my new exercise program. Having tried the traditional “gym” memberships in the past, I was determined not to just join somewhere and not follow through, had “been there, done that”. The lack of personal attention was a definite de-motivator for me in that type of gym setting.  I attended a complimentary class with Erika and was very impressed with both she and the Pilates instruction. It seemed to be a combination of yoga and strengthening exercises. I signed up for an individual program of one-on-one private instruction sessions, and also a weight loss nutritional counseling plan that Erika offers as well. We combined the weight loss nutritional counseling and three time a week Pilates sessions and got started.  I succeeded in losing over 20lbs and many inches in three months! By combining the strengthening and weight loss program, I saw results immediately.  Erika has many personal qualities that combine to make her a person you trust and want to work with. Her nutritional advice was always based on sound healthy principles, nothing that was a fad or easy way to weight loss.  Erika’s Pilates knowledge, combined with her patience and encouragement, has allowed me to progress at my own pace and become stronger and healthier. We have been working together for six months now, and I look forward to progressing to a higher level of strength and healthy lifestyle!  ~June O’Keefe

From Sue:
I have had a very positive experience on my journey through pilates. For me, it is a total mind-body experience. It greatly benefits my body. I have become leaner and fitter. My core continues to strengthen and my muscles are more defined. Mentally, after I complete a class I feel very relaxed and more at peace. Pilates is a holistic approach to my health and well being, I really enjoy incorporating it into my weekly workout routine. I feel it is an essential part of my routine and helps me perform more efficiently in other aspects of my workouts and life.  Erika, you are a great instructor and help motivate me to perform to my maximum potential! I look forward to my sessions.  Sincerely,  Sue H.  (lost over 13 pounds!)

From Marilyn:
I love our pilates class and feel like I’ve really accomplished something when it’s over. My core is so much stronger which has helped my back pain and that is huge! I’m much more pleasant when my back doesn’t hurt. I also feel that my posture is better and maybe I’ve lost a little bulge around the waist.  You do an excellent job, so bubbly and full of energy.  Thanks, Marilyn R.

From Melissa:
Erika’s instructional approach provides individualized attention that insures proper form and maximum benefit. I’ve tried numerous forms of exercise, but I’ve never experienced so many benefits so quickly. From a significantly stronger core/abs, to reduced pain, to increased calm, Pilates has proven transformative. Erika is a qualified instructor who truly understands and appreciates the importance of proper form. Pilates with Erika is truly personalized – resulting in a Pilates experience that is completely different from the gym classes or home videos I’ve tried before. Erika’s gentle but focused expert approach makes Pilates not only beneficial, but enjoyable. I highly recommend Healthy Changes Pilates!  ~Melissa B.

From Paula:
I have been exercising most of my life but have never felt the benefits like I have from Pilates.  I feel stronger now than I did 10 or more years ago.  Erika is a great instructor; she is patient, kind and encouraging.  I love my Pilates class and hope to continue taking it for many years to come.   ~Paula S.

From Cathy:
Before taking pilates, I suffered from knee pain and had very little flexibility. I had to hold on to a wall to lift my leg up. After taking pilates for 6 weeks, my legs and my core were stronger and I had more flexibility. Another benefit was that my ‘menopot’ got smaller. I think every woman should do pilates! My husband even noticed the changes!  ~Cathy Covitz
3 years later…  Every woman needs to take pilates! I used to be a gym rat but it wasn’t until I started pilates with Erika 3 years ago that I really saw my body change. Her instructional classes teach you how to work out correctly so you will see results. Since taking her classes, I have lost 20 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes. Erika is amazing and she is the best of the best and well worth it!

From Louise:
It’s been a life changing experience.  You are a wonderful teacher and (can’t believe it, it’s not a lie) I enjoy the classes- me who hates to exercise.  I have benefited from the Pilates classes noting more core strength, flexibility and balance. Even though I can’t always do every exercise on any given day, I know that I am benefiting from trying.  I enjoy the time I spend learning Pilates. I have been able to translate the breathing and focus on core strength to make bending and lifting easier too.  Thanks, Louise S.

From Harriet:
I’ve been working out since high school-weights, step, aerobics, cycling, tennis, spin… I’m now 50+ and have recently tried Pilates. First of all it is a great way to connect body and mind while strengthening and stretching. Erika has a knack for cueing so you find and connect with your deepest muscles. I find myself using what I’ve learned in your sessions as I exercise independently although I do look forward to getting back to class and your expert cueing. The hour flies by and I leave with a sense of calm but also invigorated and energized. Thanks for all you do!  ~Harriet

From Rhonda:
I began taking Pilates at Healthy Changes almost a year ago.  I am totally hooked on it.  I am able to use many of the breathing techniques I have learned in class outside of the class.   I use my Haaaaaaa breath when I feel stress, to relax my upper body.  When I go for a run and feel my shoulders tensing up, again I use my Haaaaaa breath.  I use my “zip up your tightest pair of jeans” when I am working out with weights.  I can instantly feel my core strengthen and I am more in control of my weights.  What I especially love about Healthy Changes is that every time I attend a class whether it is mat or an equipment class they are ALWAYS different and challenging.  We never do the same thing twice so I am never bored.  I love that I am working on strengthening my core and stretching to remain flexible as I get older.  Erika is so passionate, always challenging us and giving detailed instruction, guiding us through each movement.   My only regret is that I don’t have the time to attend more than 2 classes a week.  ~Rhonda Cerbone

From Beryl:
I am a newcomer to Healthy Changes and Pilates.  I love it!!  The class overall is intense with an emphasis on your core muscles.  You constantly challenge yourself while learning discipline and gaining strength. I can say, that I find it to be the most invigorating class I have ever taken. Since I have been attending Pilates classes I have had no pain in a previously injured knee.  I attend classes twice a week Tuesday Reformer and Thursday Tower. I feel completely energized by the end of my workout.  Erika is a great instructor with explicit direction and hands on guidance to target specific areas of the body… You will discover muscles you never knew you had!  I am hooked, come find out for yourself and make those healthy changes you have been promising yourself for some time now.  ~Beryl Rotondo

From Bonnie:
You are patient and easy to understand and most of all you encourage us and have a great sense of humor.  I see my stamina increasing and my overall muscle tone improving. I have definitely toned my arms and shrunk my stomach and see a waist again. I know at my age it takes more that 6 or 8 months and I am happy that I still improve and happier still that I look forward to each class. Thanks Erika! ~Bonnie

From Kim:
Pilates has improved my focus and concentration on exercise. I am more aware of my breathing and body relaxation that I usually do not have. I really enjoy some of the exercises like the rolling up and back to the floor and some of the stretches. My happiest moments are when I can make the core connections and adjustments that I feel are getting better over time.  I hope to continue to learn pilates.  ~Kimberly S.

From Jenny:
Started as a beginner and have now moved up. Love that they start you off so slow. Easy to learn technique and feel like you are accomplishing something. Started with Karen in beginner and now train with Lisa. Both are great trainers. So happy I found this place!  ~Jenny

From Grace:
You teach an amazing class!  Your commitment to your practice is noteworthy.  Your instruction is superb and your tactile corrections were terrific!  You are my new Pilates idol!  Joseph would be proud!