Erika Sargent-Grasso


Owner & Founder of Healthy Changes Pilates

If you are not currently practicing Pilates you need to! Prior to learning Pilates I tried all forms of exercise; running, spinning, weight training, yoga etc. Although I enjoy other forms of activity, I feel Pilates is the foundation of all exercise. Proper movement and alignment provides superior results and decreased risk of injury. Personally I have experienced faster results with consistent Pilates practice vs any other form of exercise. Pilates will change the way you look creating core strength, lean and toned muscle, enhanced flexibility, balance, posture, and grace. A sense of inner strength both mentally and physically, you will feel like you live in a strong body. You will have more energy and better energy and most importantly you will learn to live pain free. Don’t ignore neck, shoulder, back or knee pain. When you start moving properly and in alignment through Pilates you will not have aches and pains or at least they will significantly decrease. Pilates re-trains your movement patterns. As you learn to move differently than you ever did before you will change the way you look and you will feel AMAZING!

Erika's Background:

  • PMA (Pilates Method Alliance): Certified Pilates Teacher

  • BASI Pilates: Comprehensively Certified on all Pilates Apparatus

  • Balanced Body University: Comprehensively Certified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus

  • BS from UNH: Nutritional Sciences, 2nd degree: Psychology

  • Prior Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer- studied with Greg Rando Professional BodyBuilder; Yogafit, Zumba, Spinning, Tai Chi & Qigong, Reiki

Pilates is by far the best form of exercise I have ever found! 

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Erika Sargent-Grasso