Mylene Hendrick

It took me a while to find this place, and I’m so glad I did


After relocating back from MN, it took me a while to find a pilates studio. But from the first class I took with Erika, I knew I found my new "home." And that is what Erika's studio has been for me for almost 6 years!

I take classes there as often as I can during the week, taking advantage of all the different types of classes: reformer, tower, chair, mat as well as workshops that she offers that reinforce the mind/body connection.

Erika, and her team of exceptional instructors (Elaine, Lisa, Lea, etc.), challenge me each time to connect deeper and get to know muscles I didn't even know existed! And yet, after each class I feel energized and happy - even if I arrived feeling stressed from work. And I know each member probably feels the same.

Even within a group setting, there is plenty of 1 on 1 focus as each instructor understands each member's specific needs and tailors accordingly.

Healthy Changes Pilates is a wonderful studio with an amazing community of fellow classmates/friends that enjoy working out, love to laugh and have fun. It is a place that feels intimate, warm, caring and helps each member understand their mind/body connection to reach their goals.

I feel lucky to be part of this studio!

I love my Pilates Classes!